Cocktail Masterclasses

Cocktail Masterclass

Learn how to make the perfect cocktail in our comprehensive cocktail masterclass. Here you will be guided through the journey of the cocktail and how it came to be the popular drink it is today. You will be shown the correct techniques bartenders use when making different cocktails and also shown the right recipes to achieve a balanced drink. All this learning comes together in the final act when you create your own signature cocktail with the syrups, juices, liqueurs and alcohols available to you.

People love our cocktail masterclasses because they are left with the skills to create their own signature cocktails and do so in a fun and interactive environment.

Edible Cocktails Masterclass

Fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist? Have you been working with cocktails for a while now and want to expand your knowledge beyond just liquid drinks? Or have you been to one of our Edible Cocktails events and want to go behind the scenes and see how its all done? Our Edible Cocktails Masterclass is a hands-on session that dives into the deep end of hydrocolloids (those magical ingredients that allow us to hold liquid in a semi-solid state). From Gin and Tonic spheres to alcoholic marshmallows this is an immersive, sticky, slippery session that you won’t forget.